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What makes something a tacky treasure? A tacky treasure is, first of all, tacky. However, to be a treasure, it must possess an additional quality, which could be any one of these: a naïve yet ultimately flawed effort to be sophisticated or stylish; a complete lack of shame in exploiting poor taste; or a deliberate flaunting of poor taste as a rebellion against established norms.

You can read more of my thoughts on tacky treasures, or you can browse the treasures now, and come to your own understanding of the concept.

NEW! Tacky Treasures Road Show, 2023

  • Top Tacky Treasures: The Mark Eden Bust Developer, the Popener, Jesus Playing Football, and other delightfully tasteless objects
  • Tacky Topics: The Tacky Treasures Road Show, Mike the Headless Chicken, big heads, art cars, salt & pepper shakers, digital jigsaw puzzles, and more.
  • Tacky Places: Foamhenge, Cooter's Place, Planet Wayside, and other whimsical places
  • Seasonal Tacky: The holidays seem to bring the tacky out of some people


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