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What makes something a tacky treasure? A tacky treasure is, first of all, tacky. However, to be a treasure, it must possess an additional quality, which could be any one of these: a naïve yet ultimately flawed effort to be sophisticated or stylish; a complete lack of shame in exploiting poor taste; or a deliberate flaunting of poor taste as a rebellion against established norms.

You can read more of my thoughts on tacky treasures, or you can browse the treasures now, and come to your own understanding of the concept.

  • Top Tacky Treasures: The Mark Eden Bust Developer, the Popener, Jesus Playing Football, and other delightfully tasteless objects
  • Tacky Topics: The Tacky Treasures Road Show, Mike the Headless Chicken, big heads, art cars, salt & pepper shakers, and more
  • Tacky Places: Foamhenge, Cooter's Place, Planet Wayside, and other whimsical places
  • Seasonal Tacky: The holidays seem to bring the tacky out of some people
  • Tacky Links: Other sources of tackiness


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