Tacky Treasures Road Show, 2015

The Tacky Treasures Road Show is modeled after the PBS program “Antiques Roadshow,” except that in this case the question the appraiser always asks is, “Do you have any idea how tacky this is?” I love the sound of that, so I do it every year.

This year’s road show took place on March 28, 2015 at the Silver Spring B&O Train Station.  There were 27 entries, a few more than last year. This was the first year that a performance was entered into the competition. More on that later, but let’s just say that it almost turned the event into the Tacky Treasures TOAD Show.

Read the report at:  http://tackytreasures.com/topics/ttrs2015.html

New Christmas Tackiness

Billiard Ball Christmas Ornaments

Billiard Ball Christmas Ornaments

It’s been a year since I last posted to this blog.  Although I have been busy with other projects, I can always count on the season of Christmas to arouse the tackiness in me.

To see the latest in Christmas Seasonal Tacky, check out the Christmas page at Julie’s Tacky Treasures.

Happy Holidays…but which one?

Pilgrim Leprechaun Santa Claus Mouse

Pilgrim Leprechaun Santa Claus Mouse , purchased at a yard sale in Silver Spring, Maryland, December 2012

I found this little critter on a table of used Christmas decorations at a recent yard sale.  The more I look at it, the more I wonder if it really is a Christmas ornament.  It looks like a mouse that’s a cross between a Pilgrim, a leprechaun, and Santa Claus.  That’s three holidays in one!  It’s kind of strange … the face looks like it was transplanted from a human head to a mouse’s body.  And is that an obscene gesture he’s making with his right hand?  It’s like he’s trying to say, “Have a Merry Effing Christmas, Thanksgiving, and St. Patrick’s Day!”  I’m struggling to come up with a name for this guy.  “Pilgrim Leprechaun Santa Claus Mouse” seems a bit long.  If you have any suggestions, contact me.


Jesus on a Motorcycle

Jesus on a Motorcycle

Jesus on a Motorcycle, purchased on eBay October 2012

What would Jesus ride?  This figure of Jesus on a motorcycle, called “I Am Freedom,” answers that question.  Jesus rides a chopper, although I can’t tell if it’s a Harley-Davidson or not.  From a motorcycle safety point of view, Jesus brings us both good news and bad news.  While I’m glad to see Him wearing jeans to protect his legs and sturdy boots instead of sandals, He is a little disappointing in the head protection department.  I don’t think a crown of thorns is an adequate substitute for a helmet.  Maybe He lives in a state without a helmet law, but I would have thought He’d set a better example for other riders than that.  But His message of freedom is well-taken.  Ride on, brother Jesus!

Too soon? More butt cheeks

Butt cheek salt and pepper shakers with faces

Butt cheek salt and pepper shakers with faces, purchased September 2012 in Taylor’s Antique Mall, Ellicott City, Maryland

These are tacky, but a bit more tasteful than the last set of salt and pepper shakers that I posted here.  Maybe it’s the kitschy faces painted on each cheek.

Only a day after posting the butt cheek salt and pepper shakers to this blog, Bob and I decided to go to Ellicott City in search of more tacky treasures.  We must have gone to the same store that Angela did, because when we brought these to the cash register, here’s what happened:

Cashier:  Hey, we had a set of butt cheek salt and pepper shakers a while back, but we sold them.  They were souvenirs from Rehoboth Beach.
Me:  I know!  I have them!
Cashier:  [puzzled look, then laughter]

Bob deserves credit for this find.  He’s got a good eye for tacky treasures.

Butt cheek salt and pepper shakers

Butt cheek salt and pepper shakers

Butt cheek salt and pepper shakers, gift of Angela Botzer, August 2012

What’s thong with this picture? This set of salt and pepper shakers with the removable butt cheeks is a souvenir of Rehoboth Beach. Maybe it’s supposed to remind you of the sandy beach where you spent your vacation. It might also remind you of all the inconvenient places on your body where you might find some of that sand. Why anyone would want to remember that, I don’t know.

The cheeks don’t say which is the salt and which is the pepper, so before you ask, the salt goes into whatever shaker has more holes.

>> More Salt and Pepper Shakers I’ll Never Use

Prayer toaster salt and pepper shakers

Toaster salt and pepper shakers

Toaster salt and pepper shakers, acquired on eBay, August 2012

This set is in the form of a toaster, with two slices of bread acting as the shakers.  The front of the toaster says, “Give us this Day our Daily Bread.”  As often happens, I found this on eBay with a search that was intended to find something else.  Fifth place in this year’s Tacky Treasures Road Show was a prayer toaster, entered by John and Ellen Schwab.  Instead of salt and pepper shakers in the toaster,  there were multiple cardboard prayers that popped up.   That’s the object I was trying to find for my collection when this gem came up.  Either way, the idea of a prayer toaster is a nice thought, although a bit kitschy.

Salt and Pepper Shakers I’ll Never Use

Nude lady salt and pepper shakers

Nude lady salt and pepper shakers
Gift of Pat Gill
May 2002

This is a category that started before I had this blog.  Just to be sure you don’t miss all the fabulously tacky salt and pepper shakers in my possession, here’s a link to the original page:  http://www.tackytreasures.com/topics/snp.html

Gnome with a wheelbarrow

Imagine needing a wheelbarrow to carry your, ahem, attributes around with you.

Gnome with a wheelbarrow

Gnome with a wheelbarrow, hand-painted plaster, seen in the home of a fellow gardener who shall remain nameless.

What a pair!

I’ve filed these under Mugs I’ll Never Use.  Just handling them as they were intended makes me feel kind of sleazy.  I’d like to think that by purchasing them and bringing them into my home, I’ve rescued them from the grabby hands of some dirty old man.

Naked lady mugs

Pair of naked lady mugs, acquired in April 2012 at the antique mall in Ellicott City, Maryland.

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