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This article was written in April 2004. Foamhenge has since been sold and moved to Cox Farms in Centerville, Virginia, http://www.coxfarms.com/Foamhenge.aspx

Route 11, Natural Bridge, Virginia

You can almost see the Blue Ridge Mountains between the stones, I mean foam.

Natural Bridge, Virginia has its own full-sized replica of Stonehenge, right in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and made completely of foam.

While the blocks appear to be megalithic granite, a close look indicates that they are made of foam. I guess that would make them megafoamic. Whatever the case, they are impressive indeed. While I can't say that I had a spiritual experience there, I did get a good case of the giggles, which is just as good in my book. Of course, I did what any tourist has to do when confronted with an awe-inspiring monument such as Stonehenge. I took pictures of myself in front of it. I suppose now I'm going to have to stop secretly making fun of the tourists I see every day as I pass the Supreme Court.

To get to Foamhenge via I-81, take the Route 11, Natural Bridge exit. After you pass the Natural Bridge Zoo, watch on the right for the megalithic structure looming above you. If the gate is open, just park, and walk up the hill. There is no fee for admission to this wonderfully tacky construction.

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