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Tacky Christmas Gift Bag

Tacky Christmas Gift Bag
Tacky Christmas Gift Bag
Gift of Kaycee
December 2013

Tacky detail

It doesn't look tacky when you look at it from this angle. In fact, I think it's cute. But when you turn it to the side, it reminds me of something else, that is not necessarily so Christmas-y. I am pretty sure that it was unintentional, but it's funny just the same. Click on the links below to see why it's a tacky treasure.

Kudos go to Kaycee for discovering the hidden tackiness in an otherwise unremarkable Christmas gift bag. Don't get me started on what she gave me that was inside the bag. That would be the subject of another post entirely.

To compare two angles of the tacky Christmas gift bag side by side, click here.

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