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Porto Baradio

Porto Baradio
Porto Baradio
by Stewart Warner
circa 1948

This is a tube radio with a complete bar built into it. It comes with two decanters (helpfully labelled "Scotch" and "Bourbon," in case you're at a loss for what to do with them), six highball glasses, four shot glasses, and an ice bucket. The ice bucket, incredibly, is positioned right over the main "works" of the radio, with nothing but a piece of cardboard to protect it from moisture. I think this must have been designed before Underwriter's Laboratory was established.

I did briefly own a Baradio that I purchased on eBay, and it is pictured above. I had to send it back because it had cracks in a few places, and was not the mint condition radio for which I had paid top dollar. So, back to the seller it went, and I'm still looking for one of these beauties, although I'm concerned that it's not likely to survive shipping unless it's packed carefully. But it's my fantasy to have a swell cocktail party where I turn on the radio and have it play big band music and I'll fix drinks for all my friends. A girl can dream, anyway.

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