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Rubber Band Vest

Rubber band vest
Rubber band vest
Crocheted by
Carolee Rand over a
two-year period in the 1970s

20,000 Rubber Bands -- that's what Carolee estimated it took to create this phenomenal garment.

For two years in high school, she went everywhere working on this vest, in class, on the bus, anywhere she had to go where there would be time to work on it. During the course of this project, she learned everything there was to know about rubber bands...she could even identify them by touch.

Despite all the teasing and complaints she took from her fellow students at Lincoln High School in Yonkers, New York (and you know who you are!), when she finally wore the finished product to class, no one said a word to her about it. Carolee still sighs with disappointment over that.

After she finished her magnum opus, she started a rubber band skirt. But she lost interest after the first few inches, so she cut her losses and called it a belt.

The vest and belt were her last creations in the medium of rubber bands. Long gone are her abilities as a rubber band connoisseur, and she now makes her living maintaining a large computer system for a government agency.

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