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Tacky Treasures Road ShowTacky Treasures Road Show - The Tacky Treasures Road Show is modeled after the PBS program "Antiques Road Show," except that in this case the question the appraiser always asks is, "Do you have any idea how tacky this is?" >> more

Big HeadsBig Heads - What is it about big heads? All around this grand nation, we see monuments to people in the form of larger than life sculptures. Can we come up with a more subtle metaphor for a person's alleged greatness? Apparently not. >> more

Mike the Headless ChickenMike the Headless Chicken - In 1945, "Mike" was the name given to a chicken who was headed for the skillet, but not enough of his neck was cut off, and he survived -- for eighteen months. >> more

Art CarsArt Cars - Art car artists take the the concept of a car as an extension of oneself to its illogical extreme. They make cars covered with buttons, they write messages all over their cars, they make it look like their favorite animals .. and how I admire them for that. >> more

How to Shoot for GlamourBooks and Recordings - Books and music are sources of inspiration, education, entertainment, and relaxation. Here are some books and recordings that each fall short of these goals, in some way or another. >> more

Breast Salt and Pepper ShakersSalt and Pepper Shakers I'll Never Use - Aren’t salt and pepper shakers supposed to improve the taste of food? Then why is it that so many of them are in such poor taste? >> more

Poop Ash TrayAsh Trays I'll Never Put My Smoke Out In - Smoking is an ugly habit. So, no wonder that the ash tray creations here are in poor taste, though sometimes entertainingly so. >> more

Paradise SteinMugs I'll Never Use - Here are some particularly ugly mugs I've acquired in my travels. >> more

How to Shoot for GlamourThe Couch List - Most birders keep a life list. I keep a couch list. Here's why. >> more

Library of Congress domeMangin's First Law of Tourist Behavior - I came up with Mangin’s First Law of Tourist Behavior after a few years of contending with the tourists on my way to and from work at the Library of Congress. >> more


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