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Toilet Mug

I saw this over-sized mug in the Harriet Carter catalog, and decided I had to have it for my "Mugs I'll Never Use" collection. It's a monument to poor taste. I almost made a cup of tea in it this morning, but couldn't bring myself to drink what I like to call "The Other Brown Drink" out of something that looks like a potty.

As I tried to think of what I could say about this toilet mug, I realized that Harriet Carter had already beat me to some of the best lines in her amazing catalog entry. I even think she was using the word "gag" without irony.

Toilet Mug for that cup of java that's really good to the last drop! Enjoy your morning brew with this one-of-a-kind potty-shaped mug. Amusing gag coffee mug is a surefire conversation starter that'll leave 'em flushed with laughter!

This monstrosity is over-sized as a mug, as you can see from the second photograph. As size goes, it's really more of a stew bowl. However, since Harriet Carter advertises it as a mug, and I don't want to start a new category ("Stew Bowls I'll Never Use"), I'm parking this example here.

Although I refuse to use this even once, there is a member of my household who is not so picky, as can be seen by this video.

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