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Adam and Eve Bottle Opener and Corkscrew

Adam & Eve cork screw and bottle opener
Adam & Eve Cork Screw
and Bottle Opener

Acquired August 2002 at
Just Stuff in Wareham, Massachusetts

Adam had him troubles with his baby, and that's not all. While Eve might benefit from the use of a Mark Eden bust developer, let's just say that Adam needs help in a different direction.

Just when I thought that my trip to Cape Cod would be a wash in the tacky treasure department, I stumbled across this gem. Guys, just be thankful they didn't make Eve a nutcracker.

Here's another silly song from my youth:

Adam had him
troubles with his baby.
Even Adam had him troubles too.
I don't know how bad you had 'em,
but even Adam had 'em,
and Adam had 'em worser than you.
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