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Naughty Dog, The Party’s Entertainer Naughty Dog, The Party’s Entertainer - One look at this little metal dog assuming the position for a poop, and you know he’s going to be “the party’s entertainer,” just like it says on the box. >> more

Ladies' HammerHokie Pokie Sound Machine - This is the worst-designed phonograph record player I have ever seen, and yet as soon as I found out about it, I knew I had to have one.
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Ladies' HammerJesus Corkscrew and Bottle Opener - The Jesus Corkscrew and Bottle Opener is a tacky treasure in the same way the Popener is a tacky treasure.
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Ladies' HammerTacky German Postcard - I wish I’d had this postcard for last year’s Toilet Week. It would have added an international flair to the event.
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Mosaic Mary Jane ShoeMosaic Mary Jane Shoe - At a gallery on Ocracoke Island, I purchased this remarkable Mary Jane shoe, adorned with china shards and images of the Madonna. >> more

Ladies' HammerLadies' Hammer - Rosie the Riveter called…she wants her arm back!
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His and Hers Birth ControlHis and Hers Birth Control - It's a gag gift, but it doesn't make me gag as much as most do. >> more

Levitra® RulerLevitra® Ruler - What better way to promote a drug for erectile dysfunction, than to create a ruler emblazoned with the drug's name? >> more

Cape Breton Cigarette LighterCape Breton Cigarette Lighter - When I think of Cape Breton, I do not think of topless sunbathing. So why would someone make a souvenir of the place that features the torso of a woman wearing nothing but a thong? >> more

Toilet Pencil SharpenerToilet Pencil Sharpener - Since I live with a man who has over 500 pencil sharpeners in his collection, I had to ask, "Do you have any toilet-shaped pencil sharpeners?" The answer is, "Of course." >> more

Goodbye Cruel WorldGoodbye Cruel World - Another recurring theme in toilet humor is a person trying to flush himself down a toilet. This one comes with a charming little poem. >> more

Toilet RadioToilet Radio - The speaker is located in the bowl, under the plastic lid. It made me wonder what might be the most appropriate sound to come out of it. >> more

Mount Rushmore SouvenirsMount Rushmore Souvenirs - I don't know what's tackier, shaking salt and pepper out of the tops of two presidents' heads, or lighting a flame on the Father of Our Country's head. >> more

Donkey Butt Cigarette DispenserDonkey Butt Cigarette Dispenser - Seeing a cigarette coming out of a donkey's butt should make any smoker reconsider their dirty habit. >> more

Donkey Butt Cigarette DispenserSmoking Elephant Cigarette Dispenser - Maybe this is enough to make a smoker quit. Seeing a cigarette coming out of an elephant’s butt should make anyone reconsider their dirty habit. >> more

Potty Mouth Lip GlossPotty Mouth Lip Gloss - Just another product that makes one ask, "why would I want to put something like that near my mouth?" >> more

Chairman Mao Cigarette LighterChairman Mao Cigarette Lighter - Not only does this cigarette lighter feature a picture of Chairman Mao, but when you open it, an electronic melody plays. Unfortunately, it is an anthem from the Cultural Revolution. >> more

Wedding PlungerPreacher Frog - Here’s a stuffed frog who has his own little pulpit and Bible, on a stand lined with astroturf.  He’s got googly eyes which remind me of some of the televangelists I’ve seen in action. >> more

Wedding PlungerWedding Plunger - After the toasts at the reception, we pulled this tacky treasure out of the box, and said in unison, "We took the plunge!" >> more

Jesus Night LightJesus Night Light - This would be a convenient devotional figure for someone who had passed out on the floor...not that that ever happens to me. >> more

Saddam Hussein Cigarette LighterSaddam Hussein Cigarette Lighter - Check out this animated cigarette lighter made in Vietnam. When you flip the lid, the U.S. fighter jet unloads a bomb, as Saddam Hussein looks on. >> more

Cat Butt Towel HolderCat Butt Towel Holder - This is the one of the more practical pieces of tackiness I have ever purchased. We tried using a hook for a while, but the towel kept slipping off. The cat butt towel holder works every time! >> more

What Would Jesus Ride? T-ShirtWhat Would Jesus Ride? T-Shirt - Apparently Jesus would ride (if he were so inclined and lived during a time when they existed) a Harley Davidson motorcycle. >> more

Bustier PurseBustier Purse -A leather bustier with leopard fur bra cups is tacky enough. But what about a purse in the shape of one? I think it is exponentially more tacky. >> more

Cat Butt Pencil SharpenerCat Butt Pencil Sharpener - What do you give someone who already owns in excess of 400 pencil sharpeners? This one meows when you stick the pencil in. >> more

Anatomically Correct FrogsAnatomically Correct Frogs - I bought this pair on eBay, which were billed as "anatomically correct frogs." The unwary might buy them thinking that frogs come with the same sexual equipment that humans do. >> more

Anatomically Correct, His-and-Hers ToothbrushesSkating Bartender - "Brighten up your bar with this clever bartender." It’s a "no spill no fuss bar valet!" Pretty sweeping claims for a rickety little plastic coaster on wheels. >> more

Anatomically Correct, His-and-Hers ToothbrushesAnatomically Correct, His-and-Hers Toothbrushes - Looking for the Perfect Gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Saturnalia? I got this tacky gem for my birthday. >> more

Support Our Pants Magnetic RibbonSupport Our Pants Magnetic Ribbon - Throughout our nation, thousands of pairs of pants are worn for one simple reason: to uphold the decency of our citizens. Where would we be, decency-wise, if people ran around with their pants around their ankles, or worse, without any pants at all? >> more

Japanese Television Jewelry BoxJapanese Television Jewelry Box - This is the object in my personal possession that I would most like to take on "Antiques Road Show." The cool thing about it is that when you look into the mirrors on the left, you can see yourself in the TV screen. >> more

Bed Pan BanjoBed Pan Banjo - A truly versatile instrument, this banjo can play the blues, old-time, and bluegrass. Better yet, it's handy when you're in a festival jam session that's too far from the portable toilets. >> more

VomitometerVomitometer - Here's a fascinating piece of scientific instrumentation: the vomitometer. Enlarge the picture by clicking on it, and try not to gag. >> more

Adam and Eve Bottle Opener and CorkscrewAdam and Eve Bottle Opener and Corkscrew - While Eve might benefit from the use of a Mark Eden bust developer, let's just say that Adam needs help in a different direction. >> more

Art TelevisionArt Television - It's hard to imagine who thought this was an appropriate way to present the work of some of the finest painters of the last couple of centuries. >> more

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