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Art Television

Plastic television with fine art slides
Plastic television with fine art slides
Gift of Janice Goldblum, 2001

It's hard to imagine who thought this was an appropriate way to present the work of some of the finest painters of the last couple of centuries. Here we have a 1 x 2 by 1 3/4 inch plastic television with a viewfinder on the back and eight slides of major works of art inside. From Gauguin to Monet, Van Gogh to Lautrec, one can only view these works by squinting through a 1/4 inch opening with a magnifier.

"Starry Night" loses something with this rendering, as does one of Monet's winter haystack series, which must be renamed "Muffins with Anthrax," if one went by their appearance here. Truly a naïve attempt at sophistication, and as such, a tacky treasure.

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