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Cape Breton Cigarette Lighter

Cape Breton Cigarette Lighter
Cape Breton Cigarette Lighter
Gift of Ken (who may want to remain anonymous after reading
my scathing review)

See it light up!

When I think of Cape Breton, I do not think of topless sunbathing. So why would someone make a souvenir of the place that features the torso of a woman wearing nothing but a thong? If I were on the Cape Breton bureau of tourism, I would sue the makers of this monstrosity.

It's bad enough to see yes another sleazy object that only represents part of woman's body. It's made worse because they did such a terrible job representing her breasts. For one thing, they are crooked. Secondly, what's up with the clear plastic boobs, filled halfway with a pink goo resembling Pepto-Bismol®?

The worst part about this tacky lighter is what happens when you flip the lid open. The strobe light action is enough to induce a seizure. On the plus side, you can't really see the pink goo when the lights are flashing.

Breasts and thong on fire!

P.S. I made a movie of the lighter in action, but I'm not going to post it. I don't want to be responsible for anyone's eye trouble afterward.

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