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Jesus Night Light

Jesus Night Light
Jesus Night Light

Purchased in 2001 from
John Freyer
as part of www.allmylifeforsale.com

John Freyer, with his former possession, the Jesus nightlight, at the Neptune Fountain at the Library of Congress

All My Life for Sale, the book and the project, "explored our relationship to the objects around us, their role in the concept of identity, as well as the emerging commercial systems of the Internet." John Freyer sold everything he owned from his stereo equipment to a bag of BBQ Pork Skins. The Jesus Night Light was one of his possessions, which I bought through an eBay auction.

Even without the defect, this night light would be a tacky treasure, because it's part of the general kitsch-ification of Christian devotional objects. Because the large prong of this night light is on the wrong side, it is impossible to use it without forcing Jesus to hang upside down, making it even more ironic. But with all due respect, He's been through worse.

There was a certain charm to John's ad, in which he proposed that this would be a convenient devotional figure for someone who had passed out on the floor...not that that ever happens to me.

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