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Japanese Television Jewelry Box

Japanese jewelry box
Japanese jewelry box
shaped like a television set

Wood, enamel, plastic, and
pink velvet (interior)
Acquired in 1999 from an
antique store in Gaithersburg

This is the object in my personal possession that I would most like to take on "Antiques Road Show." I imagine Leigh and Leslie Keno telling me, in their kindest tones, and in stereo, "This is what we call in the antique trade a 'piece of crap,' and if it were to come up at auction, it would fetch approximately diddley squat."

The cool thing about it is that when you look into the mirrors on the left, you can see yourself in the TV screen. Really! The white knob is an on/off switch for the music box which plays "Für Elise." It's almost like a real TV! Honest.

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