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Naughty Dog, The Party’s Entertainer

Naughty Dog, The Party’s Entertainer
"Naughty Dog, The Party’s Entertainer"
gift of Bob Davis, May 2012

One look at this little metal dog assuming the position for a poop, and you know he’s going to be “the party’s entertainer,” just like it says on the box.  What a naughty dog!   He comes with a box of pills (also called “sooner eggs” or “pharaoh’s serpents”) which are ignited and put underneath him.  Once lit, the pill expands into a coil of ash and smoke.  Since the dog is hollow and there’s a hole in his butt, you can imagine what happens next.  Yes, this will definitely be the highlight of any party, or at least the Tacky Treasures Road Show.  The writing on the package is almost as funny as the dog itself.  It promises to “cause more fun than the circus.”  Somebody, get the Department of Overstated Claims on the line!

Sad to say, by the time I received this gift, the snake pills were long gone.  But I do remember snake fireworks from when I was a child.  We would get them for the Fourth of July, along with sparklers and other fireworks.  It’s just as well that they are gone, because the box warns that they are “POISON.”  I found out by doing a little Internet research that snakes used to contain a mercury compound that was toxic.  It’s amazing the things that made it to the market before the Consumer Product Safety Commission came into being (my guess is that this was produced in the 1940s or 1950s).  Still, I would love to have seen this naughty boy in action.

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