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Preacher Frog

Preacher Frog
Preacher Frog
purchased at the Rock Solid Biker Church and Thrift Store

Here’s a stuffed frog who has his own little pulpit and Bible, on a stand lined with astroturf.  He’s got googly eyes which remind me of some of the televangelists I’ve seen in action.  This is a hand-made tacky treasure, which is the kind I like best, and is kind of rare.  But what I like best about this tacky treasure is where I got it.

In April 2012, I went to Lynchburg, Virginia and visited the Rock Solid Biker Church and Thrift Store.  It’s exactly what the name sounds like.  In a small brick building on Fort Avenue, you can find bargains in the front of the store, like clothes, small appliances, and tchotchkes like this little frog.  Behind the counter, there are rows of pews and a pulpit with motorcycle handlebars on a stage that has room for a small rock band.  That’s where they hold their services.

What I’ll always remember fondly is what happened when I bought the preacher frog.  The clerk at the counter was a skinny guy in his sixties with a weathered face, tattoos, who was wearing a leather vest covered with pins and buttons.  He picked up the frog with one hand and brought it close to his face, and said in a soft voice, “Awwww, you’re finally getting yourself a home.”  Sweet.

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