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Skating Bartender

Skating Bartender
Skating Bartender, purchased at the Civitan garage sale, Arlington, Virginia, in June 2012

"Brighten up your bar with this clever bartender."  It' a "no spill no fuss bar valet!"  Pretty sweeping claims for a rickety little plastic coaster on wheels, but that' the nature of marketing in the world of cheap-ass novelty items.  The instructions tell you to wind it up, put your drink on the skating bartender, and point it toward your guests. Let the fun begin!  Or, as the packaging suggests, "add fun to your guests’ drinking."   I know that they guarantee that skating bartender won’t go over the edge, but I ask you, is it worth the risk?  I won’t take chances like that with my alcohol, and I won’t with my guests’ either!

The little flag saying "Cheers!" is a nice touch, however.  It even has "Lachaim" on the reverse side.  I don’t know if this is a proper transliteration of the Yiddish expression meaning "to life," but I feel compelled to refer those who care to the Library of Congress.

This is another one of those products that promise to change a dull party into a laugh riot.  (Remember Stop-Ice, Mermaid Picks, and Naughty Dog?)  If that' all that it takes to improve a party, then there most be a lot of really dull parties going on.  Or maybe this product is another one that needs to be referred to the Department of Overstated Claims.


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