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Ash Trays I'll Never Put My Smoke Out In

Smoking is an ugly habit. So, no wonder that the ash tray creations here are in poor taste, though sometimes entertainingly so.

Lung AshtrayToilet Ash Tray - This is actually the least objectionable of my "Ash Trays I'll Never Put My Smoke Out In." After all, you are supposed to put something disgusting in a toilet, so putting a cigarette out in one makes sense. >> more

Lung AshtrayLung Ash Tray - Years ago, I saw a pink one of these in a Salvation Army thrift store, and I passed it up. Ever since I choose to become a maven of tackiness, I've longed for another chance to have a lung ash tray. >> more

Lung AshtrayI Thought I Knew All the Dogs in Town Ash Tray - This ashtray is a classic wiener dog joke, with implied ashtray/butt humor. The dachshund who is using the tree stump to relieve himself is so long that his body has wrapped around the trunk and reached his rear end. >> more

Mount Rushmore Ash Tray - It looks like the glass ash tray was made first. Then, in some misguided craft-tastrophe, it was set in rocks and stones from South Dakota. >> more

Gerald Ford Ash Tray - If they made an ash tray with the face of George Bush, I might be convinced to take up smoking again long enough to use it at least once. >> more

Deer Ash Tray - This ash tray looks like it was made in a middle school arts & crafts class. It has that kind of simple, well-meaning uselessness. >> more

Jesus Hates It When You Smoke - If this doesn't get you to quit smoking nothing will. Of course I said something similar about the lung ash tray. It was made back in 1987, and yet people still smoke. >> more

Poop Ash Tray - I think it's a pile of poop. What else could it be? That is the mystery of this ash tray. >> more

Goose Ash Tray - I'll bet you think I've got an animal theme going on here. I don't...this is a totally different kind of goose. >> more

Ugly Ash Tray - This is close to being the ugliest ash tray I've ever come across. It's just another one of those swell things that people give me while saying, "I saw this and thought of you." >> more

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