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More on the Big Heads

I did manage to enjoy myself at Presidents Park, thanks to the extremely polite and helpful staff. Little did they know that my purpose for taking pictures was different than most of their visitors. The comedic potential of the juxtaposition of certain Big Heads was simply too much for me to resist. Behold the adventures of Dr. Evil and his progeny, Mini-Me.

Thanks for the job

I'd like to think that I've visited The Big Heads for the last time, but one never knows. What will happen to the park if it is not an economic success? Will the heads be maintained well in perpetuity, or will they fall into disrepair? And if they do, some tacky wanderer may come across them in another century, and perhaps put up another web site in their honor. But just remember...I was the first!

Don't give yourself such a Big Head

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