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Billy Kan, Billy Kan't

salt and pepper shakers
Purchased November 2003
in Gaithersburg, Maryland
(at the same store where I found the Japanese Television Jewelry Box)

Who are these two naked people, these two chaps named Billy, sitting on chamberpots? What is it that the one Billy can do, that the other can't? Look at the expression of frustrated concentration on Billykant's face, juxtaposed as it is with the placid, nay, blissful one on Billykan's. It speaks of a contrast between a tormented life and one of peace and tranquility.

We know their names, and perhaps the most inimate details of their toilet habits, but everything else about them is a mystery. Because although they are clearly meant to serve as salt and pepper shakers, there is no way to know which one is supposed to have the freakin' salt! Both have the same four holes drilled into their craniums, and "Made in Occupied Japan" stamped in their bases.

I guess it doesn't really matter which has the salt and which has the pepper. Who, in their right mind, would even use them for that purpose? I surely won't. I have them displayed in my bathroom where they belong, along with the other bathroom-themed salt and pepper shakers I've collected over the years.

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