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Outhouse Salt and Pepper Shakers

West Virginia Souvenir Salt Shakers
West Virginia Souvenir
Salt and Pepper Shakers

Wood, shellac, and paint
Acquired in 1999 from Hess Furniture in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Outhouse Salt-and-Pepper Shakers
Outhouse Salt and Pepper Shakers
Acquired September 14, 2002
Elkins (West Virginia) Flea Market
Gift of Jan Westervelt

Outhouse Salt-and-Pepper Shakers
Outhouse ladies
Acquired at a gift exchange party hosted by Ellen Walsh and Liz Roll

Not just any set of outhouse salt and pepper shakers qualifies as a tacky treasure. When they come with helpful instructions such as "Fill-er up with P" and "Fill-er up with S," then they go beyond your usual outhouse cliché. Even without the information that the shaker is "full of P," why would anyone take something that looks like an outhouse and shake its contents on one's food? It is the explicitness of the gag (pun intended) that makes it, for me, a tacky treasure.

Surely the only thing that would make these tackier is to have the outhouse doors open to show a guy in overalls who turns and squirts you. But then, where would you put the salt and pepper?

But get a load of these delightfully scampy naked ladies on the third set of shakers!

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