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Party Mugs

Democratic Party Mug
Democratic Party Mug
Donkeys doing the wild thing, purchased at the Emmitsburg Antique Mall, October 2010

These are party mugs, but probably not the kind you were first thinking of. Political parties used to be more fun, but nowadays...not so much.

Look at what these donkeys are doing!  I hope they finish up before the polls close.  This mug, decorated with randy donkeys, is my reminder to myself and you to VOTE…not just the big elections, but the primaries, mid-terms, and even the  local special elections.  Enough of the serious message.  My question is, if there is a Republican version of this mug (and there probably is, but I didn’t find one in the antique store where I found this one), what do you think THEY are doing on it?

Republican Party Mug
Republican Party Mug
Republic Mug by Fishs Eddy, purchased on eBay February 2012

Although this is a sturdy ceramic mug, it belongs in my collection of “Mugs I’ll Never Use,” because it has the faces of eleven Republican politicians imprinted on the side.  My objection isn’t that they are members of the Grand Old Party.  I’d probably drink out of a mug with Lincoln’s face on it, and probably already have.  But the people on this mug are curious, and sometimes objectionable, choices.  History has not been kind to most of them, such as Joe McCarthy, Strom Thurmond, and Spiro Agnew.  Whatever their accomplishments in life might have been, they will probably be most remembered in history for abuse of power, racism, and corruption.


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