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Tacky Treasures Road Show 2008

Office T Shirt of the Tacky Treasures Road Show 2008
Julie shows off the official t-shirt of Julie's Tacky Treasures

The Tacky Treasures Road Show 2008 was held on June 28. Attendees were encouraged to bring in their tackiest things for appraisal and possible prizes. Five prizes were awarded for the tackiest treasures. There were 27 tacky entries. They were all winners, in a sense, because every single one got a laugh.

There was an assortment of prizes, and the first place winner got to choose his prize first. Of course, he chose the fabulous official T shirt of Julie's Tacky Treasures.

Thanks to Scott Prouty, Betsy Miller, and Liz Roll for the great photographs.

First place:
First place:
Chris Romaine

Tied for second place:
Tied for second place:
Steve Winick

Tied for second place:
Liz Roll

Tied for second place:
Tied for second place:
Robin Fanslow

Tied for second place:
Tied for second place:
Polly Milius

Registration table before the show begins
Registration table before the show begins

Julie models the official Tacky Treasures T shirt (note Bob in the background wearing the same)
Julie and Bob in the background models the official Tacky Treasures T shirt.

I'm showing off the lovely leopard print earring Bob bought me for this occasion

These earrings were entered by Betsy Miller, of Alexandria, Virginia

Entered by Pete Marshall, of Charlottesville, Virginia, this tacky treasure was rescued from storage unit that was about to be demolished.

Jennifer Cutting displays Liz Roll's tiki mug that features a hula girl that appears to be pole-dancing.

Jennifer demonstrates the lactating breast key ring, which she purchased at a punk rock shop in Greenwich Village.

Polly Milius entered this musical dancing flower pot, which was a gift to her late husband from Herblock. What provenance!

Julie found the "Jazzy Santa" entered by Joe Langley a little bit creepy. At one point, she tried to fix Santa up with the hula girl.

Entered by Maggie Kruesi, a teapot of an apparition by Mary that seems oddly phallic.

Steve Fishman and his "capon" capo. Referring to his invention, Steve said, "I had a vision that I believe was inspired by a recent trip to Glens Fair Price Store in Harrisonburg,Va. Admiring a bag of 70 realistic plastic flies, I suddenly awoke, sat bolt upright. and eureka...the capon capo was born ."

Sandy Bostian brought a lei of artificial flowers and petrified moose poop that she acquired in Alaska.

The look on Jennifer's face is,
"Ew, I wouldn't wear those!"

Abbie says, "I would!"

The crowd looks on in disbelief.

Jennifer Cutting's "Smell My Feet" platter. The inappropriateness of the proximity of food and feet is almost as bad as that of an outhouse salt and pepper shaker. It could also be called the "missionary position" platter, but if you do then I'm REALLY not eating out of it!

Julie's classic "what were they thinking" expression (patent pending). Entry by Posey Eitzen and Mark Perlman.

Wall plaque depicting Grandma with a kitty on her lap, sitting on a toilet. I find the inclusion of the exhaust fan especially tacky.

Jesus heals your boo-boo.
Entered by Stephanie Allgaier

Patriotism and sentiment gone wild. Entered by Liz Roll

The first place winner, a lamp/planter of an angel pulling a rickshaw made out of a shell

Chris Romaine explains how he came into possession of this tacky lamp

Candle lamp entered by Jackie Hoglund

Sacred Heart of Elvis beer cozy
entered by Ben Nicholson

This is not a beer mug. It's more of a pilsner, if you ask me. Entered by Margaret Gonglewski.

And what's "woman-style" about it? What woman do you know would be caught dead drinking out of this?

Not pictured, but worthy of note:

  • A bullshit disposal bag (not for use by politicians) entered by John Schwab
  • A glow in the dark air freshener that looks like Dracula (I thought vampires abhorred the light!) entered by Anita Finkelstein
  • Booklet of execrable Christmas poetry from the Lawrence Welk show (inexplicably includes an ode to astronaut John Glenn's mother) entered by Bruce Miller.

TTRS 2008
If there was a necktie category, this would get my first prize. Lamp shade made of neckties entered by Denis Malloy and Abbie Grotke.

Paul Brown submitted this loud St. Patrick's Day tie, which was given to him when he played in a band for a square dance. Wearing this tie, I reckon you'd see him coming for miles!

Bob found these gems at the same truck stop where
I found the famous Enchanted Forest plates.

Steve Winick and his humping bears. Rarely you see such fine craftsmanship in a tacky treasure.

There are S.O.S. pads in them thar boobs! Entered by Robin Fanslow

Julie says, "I can't believe I am married to the guy who brought this!"

See Dirty Bertie in action on YouTube

Genuine stuffed toads! I thought they were charming. Entered by John Schwab

John says, "Th-th-th-that's all folks!"

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