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Bottoms Up Mug

Bottoms Up Mug
Bottoms Up Mug
Ceramic with moving part
on metal hinge
Acquired September 2002 at the
Saturday morning Flea Market
Eastern Market, Washington, D.C.

What a lovely mug this is! I can't imagine what kind of person would get any sort of titillation out of a mug that has a person's rear end swinging from a metal hinge. Clearly, it is a person who is not bothered by the fact that the space taken up by the figure's derrière reduces the capacity of the mug for either coffee or cheap booze. Nor does he care about the hazard of having a butt swing perilously close to his chin as he sips his drink.

I'd like to think that there are no new ones being produced due to a rise in the level of good taste. But I'm afraid the real reason that is if a person can successfully sue McDonald's for serving (horrors!) hot coffee, what would happen if the swinging hindquarters surprised someone into spilling their hot drink? I fear for our civilization with that thought.

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