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Another Breast Mug

Breast mug
Breast Mug
Purchased at the
Annapolis Goodwill Super Store
on New Year's Day 2009

Breast mug
Back of breast mug

for buying this mug: I'm well on my way to being the world's largest collector of breast-shaped mugs.

I know what you're thinking. It's another tacky breast mug. I think I have enough already, and yet I couldn't pass this one up for three reasons.

The first reason is because I found this on the first day of the new year. It's so unusual for a thrift store to be open on a holiday, but every year for the past several, I have shopped in this store on New Year's Day. I thought finding something so awfully tacky on such a day might be an omen for successfully tracking down tacky treasures throughout 2009.

The second reason will be apparent if you study the top photo to the right. The one on the left depicts the mug as it was found at the Goodwill Super Store in Annapolis, Maryland. They covered up the naughty bits with masking tape, for what I can only assume was modesty. But they didn't mask them so much that it wasn't obvious what this object was meant to show. I found that as charming as the grin on the store clerk's face when I asked if I could buy it.

And the final reason I bought it was to show them that there IS a market for such things. My greatest fear, in my search for tacky treasures, is that many things never make it to the shelves in thrift stores because the proprietors think, "What kind of fool would buy THIS?" You, my dear readers, know the answer to this question.

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