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Myrtle Beach One-Legged Man Mug

Myrtle Beach souvenir mug
Purchased at Roanoke Goodwill
September 2003

This one's icky times two. Or three or four. The leg as a mug handle is pure kitsch. Like I want to grab some strange guy's leg and put it near my mouth. Icky. Generally I think Speedo bathing suits are icky, although thankfully we are spared the "leave nothing to the imagination" view. Another icky reaction came from turning the mug and finding that Mr. Beefcake only has one leg! Couldn't they have bothered to give this man both legs? It's bad enough that he didn't get a whole bathing suit! Finally, the third icky thing is that inside the mug, the leg that makes up the handle is hollow. So it is impossible to clean properly, except possibly in a dishwasher. You might wonder why on earth did I buy this thing, if I found it so icky? Well, go right ahead.

Pop Quiz: What does the title above, in red, refer to? Extra points to anyone who isn't from California.

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