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Tops Up Mug

Swinging Breast Mug
Flea Market, Route 30
Adams County, Pennsylvania
October 2003

This must be a follow-up to the "Bottoms Up" mug featured earlier in this presentation. I call it "Tops Up."

Before I ventured on this odyssey (or oddity, as the case may be) for mug designs that render them too offensive to actually use, I had no idea I would find such a disgusting example. I hope there isn't another, worse one out there, but I'll never know. Once I found this mug, I decided to cease this project. I can't go on.

Time to start on another project rolling around in my head: "Martians: Figment of our imaginations, or misunderstood ethnic group?"

Update! Thanks to a tip by alert tacky treasure hunter Jennifer Cutting, I have located the mate to this mug on eBay. He's a swinger, too, wouldn't you know. Don't they make a lovely couple?

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