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Two Chum Charmers Mug

Two Chum Charmers?
Ceramic mug with naked woman and a snake
Purchased in Frederick, Maryland
January 2005

What the heck does that mean?

When I walked up to the counter to pay for this mug, I told the man behind the counter, "I searched your entire store to find the most tasteless thing you have, and I do believe that I have found it." He just smiled, and wrapped this little mug up for me. It set me back all of $5.00 plus tax. Such a deal.

My theory on the slogan is that the mug's maker wanted to imply complicity between Eve and the snake for Adam's downfall and expulsion from the Garden of Eden. They're two chums who are both charmers? If that's the message the mug's maker was trying to get across, I'm not buying it. The message, I mean. I already bought the mug, God help me. Like I needed another mug I'll never drink out of.

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